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Discover the large collection of von Karman Institute Lecture Series, Proceedings of Conference, PhD thesis and articles. The price are VAT included. Free shipping for the whole collection.

The von Karman Institute organizes each year 8 to 12 one-week Lecture Series on specialized topics in the field of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer with application to aeronautics, space, turbomachinery, the environment and industrial fluid dynamics.

These courses have gained over the years world wide recognition for their high quality which is the result of a careful choice of subjects of current interest and lecturers known for their excellency in that field and willing to co-operate in building up well-structured courses.

On regular basis, thematic volumes are published in the Selected Special Topics, assembling the best Lecture Series contributions over the previous years on a given subject.

About the von Karman Institute (VKI)

The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics: an International Center for Advanced Training  in Research through Research.

VKI provides post-graduate education in fluid dynamics (research master in fluid dynamics, former "VKI Diploma Course", doctoral program, stagiaire program and lecture series) and encourages "training in research through research". The von Karman Institute undertakes and promotes research in the field of fluid dynamics. It possesses about fifty different wind tunnels, turbomachinery and other specialized test facilities, some of which are unique or the largest in the world. Extensive research on experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of gas and liquid flows is carried out at the VKI under the direction of the faculty and research engineers, sponsored mainly by governmental and international agencies as well as industries.


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