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Fluid mechanics and chemistry for safety issues in HLM nuclear reactors - hardcover - VKI LS 2014-02

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Fluid Mechanics and chemistry for safety issues in HLM nuclear reactors, ISBN-13 978-2-87516-064-5, VKI LS 2014-02


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The objective of the Lecture Series is to provide a state-of-the art review of the current knowledge and future challenges in Fluid Mechanics, Chemistry and Safety for Heavy Liquid Metal Nuclear Reactors. The Lecture Series provides general lessons on these three different topics as well as more specialized lectures related to current research activities in the field of HLM reactors. The Course starts with the presentation of a future HLM reactor, the Myrrha reactor and is then followed by a description of the challenges in Chemistry from a theoretical and experimental viewpoint. The next part of the course is devoted to Thermal-hydraulics challenges of HLM reactors both from modeling, numerical (CFD), and experimental point of view. Finally, the course reviews the different challenges in safety and provides more insights in some typical safety related problems. The Lecture Series is intended to provide enough introductory material to welcome novices in the field but also advanced information for expert researchers.

This Lecture Series is organized in the framework of the SEARCH and MAXSIMA Collaborative Project from the European Union Seventh Framework (FP7) program. Most of the lecturers are scientists actively involved in one of these research projects. Part of the research leading to these proceedings has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme in the framework of the project SEARCH (Safe ExploitAtion Related Chemistry for HLM reactors) - Grant agreement n° 2958736

    MYRRHA – A flexible and fast spectrum irradiation facility
  • VAN DEN BOSCH, J. – SCK-CEN, Belgium
    Challenges in chemistry in HLM reactors
  • RETEGAN, T. – Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
    Fuel-Liquid (coolant) interaction
  • NEUHAUSEN, J. – Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
    Release of volatile radionuclides from ADS and their capture
  • TENCHINE, D. – CEA, France
    Challenges in thermal hydraulics for liquid metal cooled reactors
  • ROELOFS, F.; SHAMS, A.; DOOLAARD, H.; GOPALA, V. – NRG, The Netherlands
    Application of CFD approaches to the simulation of LMFR fuel bundles and the reactor pool
  • BANDINI, G.1 & FORGIONE, N.21ENEA/Bologna & 2University of Pisa, Italy
    Mixing and stratification phenomena studied with system code and simmer for HLM system applications
  • MOREAU, V. – Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia CRS4, Italy
    Towards a full 3D simulation of Myrrha primary coolant loop
  • BARTOSIEWICZ, Y.1; DUPONCHEEL, M. 1; MANCONI, M.2; WINCKELMANS, G.1; BRICTEUX, L.31Université Catholique de Louvain, 2Tractebel Engineering, 3Université de Mons, Belgium
    Turbulence modeling at low Prandtl number
  • TENCHINE, D. – CEA, France
    Validation of thermal hydraulic codes for liquid metal cooled reactors
  • PLANQUART, Ph. – von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium
    Water modeling of a HLM reactor
  • MYRILLAS, K.; PLANQUART, P.; BUCHLIN, J.-M. - von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium
    Sloshing phenomena – Experimental and numerical study
  • DEL NEVO, A. 1; TARANTINO, M. 1; PESETTI, A.2; GAGGINI, P.31ENEA Brasimone, 2University of Pisa, 3ENEA Bologna, Italy
    SGTR problems

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