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Measurement, simulation and control of subsonic and supersonic jet noise- hardcover - VKI LS 2016-04

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Measurement, simulation and control of subsonic and supersonic jet noise, VKI LS 2016-04, ISBN-13 978-2-87516-110-9

Introduction to optimization and multidisciplinary design in aeronautics and turbomachinery


The problem of noise produced by high-speed jet flows triggered in the fifties the emergence of a new scientific discipline, known as aeroacoustics. At that time, little was known – compared with today’s knowledge – about the detailed physical mechanisms linking the jet dynamics to the acoustic pressure field. In this context, Lighthill formulated his long-celebrated acoustic analogy, bringing much insight about noise generation mechanisms. About 65 years later, while much has been unveiled about the physics thanks to advanced experimental diagnostics and high-fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, jet noise remains a difficult topic.

In these proceedings, the classical foundations of subsonic and supersonic jet noise theory are reviewed, partly based on the analogy, but also consolidated and complemented by the latest outcomes of modern CFD. Promising modelling approaches, based on the decomposition of the turbulence into random motions superimposed on large-scale coherent wavepackets evolving over a mean flow, are then presented together with new perspectives for the control of jet noise. A stochastic approach to jet noise modelling, based on the Random Particle Mesh method, is also proposed as an alternative prediction path. Finally, the accent is put on modern experimental and post-processing techniques for the detailed investigation of jet noise mechanisms.

The Lecture Series director is Prof. C. Schram, from the von Karman Institute.

  • BAILLY, C.; BOGEY, C.; CASTELAIN, T. - Ecole Centrale de Lyon, LMFA, France
    Subsonic and supersonic jet mixing noise
  • JORDAN, P. – Pprime, france
    Wave packet modelling of jet noise
  • CAVALIERI, A.V.G. - Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Brazil
    Jet-noise control using wavepacket models
  • JUVÉ, D. - Ecole centrale de Lyon, France
    Experimental characterization of jet noise
  • CAMUSSI, R. - Università Roma Tre, Italy
    Advanced post-processing techniques in aeroacoustics

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