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XIX Biannual symposium on measuring techniques in turbomachinery

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XIX Biannual symposium on measuring techniques in turbomachinery, ISBN 978-2-930389-32-X

XIX Biannual symposium on measuring techniques in turbomachinery

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  • XIX Biannual symposium on measuring techniques in turbomachinery
  • XIX Biannual symposium on measuring techniques in turbomachinery


XIX Biannual symposium on measuring techniques in turbomachinery
April 7-8, 2008; edited by G. Paniagua
ISBN 978-2-930389-32-X
Table of contents

Session on Optical Measurements
Chairman: C.H. Sieverding

  • Development of a 1-camera Doppler Global Velocimeter: first measurement in around free jet
    J.A.C. Berthiau, S. Goguey, X. Ottavy
  • PIV measurement of the vortical structures in rotating channels
    A. Di Sante, R.A. Van den Braembussche
  • PIV application to transonic axial and radial compressors
    M. Voges, C. Willert, M.W. Müller
  • Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy and its application in an impulse hypervelocity facility
    J. M. Meyers
  • Methodology to implement PSP technique in a transient facility
    J. Michalek, G. Paniagua, M. Vergalla, N. Zerelli, M. Tulkens
  • Combined high speed stereoscopic PIV measurements and unsteady pressure measuerements in the vaneless diffuser of a centrifugal pump
    A. Dazin, S. Coudert, P. Dupont, G. Caignaert, G. Bois
  • Study of coherent structures in coaxial jet noise using PIV
    B.H. Timmerman, J.P. Bryanston-Cross

Session on Tip clearance and Tip timing
Chairman: X. Ottavy

  • Metrology considerations for calibrating turbine tip clearance sensors
    J.L. Geisheimer, T.A. Holst
  • Single blade tip clearance measurements in a transient rig
    M. Tulkens, G. Paniagua, A. Steiner
  • Turbomachinery blades spectral estimation from tip-timing data
    C. Stephan, M. Berthillier, J. Lardies, A. Talon
  • Assessment of the reassignment technique applied to vibratory diagnosis on turbomachinery
    G. Pargade, A. Talon

Session on MEMS, fast prototyping, new rigs
Chairman: G. Pavesi

  • SOI-CMOS MEMS wall shear stress sensors
    I. Haneef, S.Z. Ali, F. Udrea, J.D. Coull, H.P. Hodson
  • The corona mass flow meter
    F. Laurantzon, N. Tillmark, P.H. Alfredsson
  • Efficiency measurement in the QinetiQ turbine test facility with temperature distortion and swirl: the mass flow rate measurement problem
    P. Beard, T. Povey
  • Rapid prototyping for wind tunnel testing and instrumentation
    R. Thomas, H. Hodson
  • Main factors of application of active methods of the boundary layer control to the compressor blade cascade flow
    M. Matejka, P. Safarik
  • Experimental study of the efflux of an aero-engine in post-combustion regime: influence of the environmental conditions
    P. Vyvey, W. Bosschaerts, R. Wagemakers

Session on Pressure Measurements
Chairman: P. Safarik

  • Effects of a rotating aerodynamic probe on the flow field of a compressor rotor
    J. Lepicovsky
  • Probes in transonic flow
    F. Kost
  • Three-hole pressure probes at large
    K.M. Argüelles Díaz, J.M. Fernandez Oro, E. Blanco Marigorta
  • Estimation of turbulence by single-hole pressure probes
    G. Persico, P. Gaetani, B. Paradiso
  • Characterization and first application of a thin-film electret unsteady pressure measurement technique
    D.M. Vogt, J.E. Fridh, T.H. Fransson

Heat Flux and Temperature Measurements
Chairman: H. Hodson

  • A post processing procedure for the evaluation of adiabatic and overall effectiveness of effusion cooling geometries
    B. Facchini, L. Tarchi, L. Toni
  • Application of the transient heater foil technique for heat transfer measurements
    M. Jonsson, P. Ott
  • Novel calibration method for an infrared thermography system applied to heat transfer experiments in hot channels
    M. Ochs, A. Schulz, H.-J. Bauer
  • A software module for correcting pyrometer measured temperatures
    M.F.G. Cremers, R.A. Rooth

Session on Data processing techniques
Chairman: G. Persico

  • A time-frequency post-processing technique for the characterization of the unsteady phenomena in the turbomachines
    G.Pavesi, G. Cavazzini, G. Ardizzon
  • An integrated tool for turbomachinery blading design and analysis
    P.K. Zachos, M. Pappa, G. Mansour, I. Tsiafis, A.I. Kalfas
  • Evaluation of blade cascade characteristics in experiments carried out with humid air
    N. Martin
  • Experimental setup for detailed secondary flow investigation by two-dimensional measurement of total pressure loss coefficients in compressor cascades
    K. Liesner, R. Meyer
  • Experimental investigation on the near-field aeroacoustic sources of a low speed axial fan
    S. Bianchi, A. Corsini, F. Rispoli, A.G. Sheard


  • Application of Pressure Sensitive Paint for determination of the pressure field of aircraft models in wind tunnels
    Ch. Klein

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